The Power of Attaining Inner Freedom

A reflection of 2019 in the journey of living with full authenticity and unlearning toxic masculinity.

Edric Subur
6 min readJan 30, 2020

2019 was my spiritually richest year yet, abundant of authenticity, people, and love. When I thought of my highlights of the year, I noticed a different pattern in what I considered important and meaningful. Usually, my yearly highlights appeared in the form of accomplishments, new skills or new experiences.

This time, however, my highlights are a lot more inwards, personal and human:

  • Came out as bisexual in front of 200 colleagues, the world and my parents
  • Broke my heart open and learned the value of love at Burning Man
  • Found and built my solid support system
  • Cooked for 40 people and raised S$11K for Charity water for my birthday
  • Funded a trip to Japan for my mom (and learned Japanese in between)
  • Made an unplanned trip to South America twice (and learned Spanish in between)

If I were to give 2019 a theme, it will be untethered. My soul is set free, to connect deeply with my truest self and by doing so, deeply with others and the world.